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Restaurant Jurmala

A la Carte Restaurant in Jurmala

a la carte


Trout tartare with traditional toppings, trout roe and lemon mayonnaise16
Swordfish tartare served with traditional toppings, avocado mousse and wasabi mayonnaise17
Beef tartare served with traditional toppings and grainy mustard sauce15
Northern shrimp cocktail with trout roe and avocado mousse17
Summer salad with melon and goat cheese14
Spinach salad with caramelized camembert cheese, fresh berries,raspberry sauce and caramelized walnuts15
Avocado-mango salad with quinoa and tiger prawns16
Romaine salad with anchovy aioli, parmesan cheese 
and chicken breast   14
and tiger shrimps   16


SNACK PLATES for 2 persons

Swordfish, trout and beef tartare trio served with traditional toppings25
Antipasti: beef tartare, olives, artichokes, asparagus, prosciutto, chorizo, fuet, Tete de moin, Morbier, Manchego, crackers, grissini, bruschetta25
Seafood: salmon tartare, swordfish tartare, trout roe, fried tiger prawns, mussels, home-smoked trout, northern prawn cocktail, octopus tentacles, seared swordfish, caramelized garlic aioli, bruschetta34
Beer plate: fried  Baltic herring, onion rings, smoked cheese, cured sausages, homemade lentil chips, garlic bread, gherkins, olives, garlic aioli, chili mayonnaise    25



Cold soup of the day9
Hearty seafood soup 16
Chicken broth soup with wonton13



Cauliflower steak with butter bean puree and pesto sauce15
Oven-baked whole sea bass served with hot salad and spinach sauce25
Swordfish fried in herb butter with caramelized cauliflower puree, steamed wild broccoli and bisque sauce27
Grilled octopus tentacles served with wakame salad and hollandaise sauce26
Corned chicken breast served with parsnip puree, vegetable tagliatelleand Demi-Glace sauce19
Honey glazed duck breast with green pea purée, pears marinated in white wine and cherry sauce21
Slow-cooked pork cheeks served with carrot puree, butter-fried vegetables and red wine sauce19
Veal tomahawk served with fried potatoes, tomatoes and onion marmalade33
Beef steak served with truffle mashed potatoes, balsamic caramelized onions, wild broccoli and green pepper sauce29
Venison burger with onion marmalade and tartar sauce, French fries and caramelized garlic aioli16



Pasta with cherry tomatoes in a spinach sauce with cedar nuts and parmesan13
Risotto with mushrooms and truffle oil 15
Risotto with seafood17



Creme Brulee served with almond florentine, raspberry sorbet and berries9
Meringue and lime dessert9
Chocolate dessert with raspberries and rum 9
Condensed milk fondant with chicory ice cream and mango passion fruit sauce9
White chocolate and mint mousse with strawberries9
Marzipan cake with berries9
Homemade ice cream or sorbet with berries8




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