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Restaurant Jurmala

A la Carte Restaurant in Jurmala

Edienu bildes


Avocado-mango salad with quinoa and tiger prawns14
Romaine salad with anchovy aioli, parmesan cheese 
- and chicken breast12
- and shrimps14



Ramen with 
- tofu 9
- shrimps12
- chicken breast9
- beef10


Main course

Salmon fillet baked in herb butter with steamed wild broccoli, mini carrots and Edamame beans19
Honey duck breast with green pea purée, pumpkin marinated in white wine and cherry sauce18

Venison burger with onion marmalade and tartar sauce, French fries and caramelized garlic mayonnaise




Pasta with cherry tomatoes in a spinach sauce with cedar nuts and parmesan13
Ravioli with mushrooms and truffle oil13



Creme Brulee served in glasses with almond florentine, raspberry sorbet and berries8
Marzipan cake with berries7
Homemade ice cream or sorbet with berries7




Table reservation