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Aqua bar


To sit in a pool at the bar counter and to have a refreshing cocktail after visiting 6 different saunas… Wouldn’t it be a great relaxation? This is exactly the recreation to enjoy at saunas & pools centre AQUA bar.

The AQUA bar is located between two pools and offers its guests to enjoy a cup of tea after visiting the saunas or a sparkling & refreshing cocktail to enjoy in one of the whirlpool bathtubs.

The most favorite cocktail at AQUA bar is ice-cream cocktail, which refresh as the saunas & pools centre smaller guests, as well as the grown-ups. For those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, we offer a great tea selection, which is recommended to have between visiting saunas, in order to keep the body hydrated and to have some rest. For those guests, who just want to relax at the centre, visit only the cooler sauna and enjoy a swim in pools, also stronger drinks and cocktails are available.