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SPA and beauty care


Indulge in an excellent spa relaxation at Hotel Jūrmala Spa beauty parlour and spa centre. With over 200 different spa treatments, the spa centre and beauty parlour are the perfect spa oasis, where everyone will find their suitable spa treatment to improve their health and well-being.

To be highlighted in particular are the spa rituals, which are unique and only available at Hotel Jurmala Spa. Amber, cherry and linden blossom have a very pleasant effect on the skin and the senses, therefore we have created special spa rituals dedicated to these nature treasures. If you prefer to experience a more exotic spa culture, than the Oriental spa ritual will be the right one to explore the care of body and mind the spa in Orient has developed through centuries. But for men, who like to have the classical massage and the basic body care, a spa ritual for men will be the best relaxation. All spa rituals are a rich spa experience and include several spa treatments: bath or spa capsule, scrub, massage.

A romantic spa gateway for couples is a perfect way of refreshing the relationship with your beloved one. This spa time-out for couples includes an aromatic bath, additionally fruits and champagne can be ordered. After the bath the couple can choose a massage from classical, hot stone massage, Alma Salus massage or Amber therapy. The spa relaxation take place in one room, where also the massage is done at the same time for the couple.

The children and teenagers are also welcomed at the beauty parlour and spa centre of Hotel Jūrmala Spa with special massages, spa rituals and seasonal offers as well! The procedures are shorter in time, so that the younger guests don't get impatient. And the massage techniques used in the spa treatments are lighter, as children's skin is more sensitive. Spa relaxation is not just an advantage of adults, but a great opportunity to experience a true recreation with the whole family!

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Special offers


Every season we pamper our guests with special spa seasonal offers. Based on the time of the year, complex spa offers are developed with spa treatments that work more efficiently at the particular time using also the corresponding cosmetic products. To delight our clients even more, all the seasonal spa offers have better prices as well!

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E-gift cards


Spa gift cards are a great gift to surprise your beloved ones. Hotel Jurmala Spa offers to purchase gift cards as for particular services, also for different money values. The gift cards can be bought at any of Hotel Jurmala Spa receptions or via Spa relaxation is good for all of us!

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