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During the cold season, enjoy your summer vacation at Hotel Jūrmala SPA

Enjoy a relaxing winter holiday at the seaside resort at the four-star hotel Hotel Jūrmala SPA. In the morning, go for a leisurely walk along the snow-covered beach or explore the charming wooden architecture of Jūrmala, enjoy the most delicious lunch at the restaurant "Jūrmala". In the afternoon, relax at the saunas and pools center Wellness Oasis or enjoy one of the SPA rituals.

Warm up in six different saunas 

Wellness Oasis offers relaxation and rejuvenation in the six different saunas with different temperature settings. Get behind the scenes of an oriental fairy tale by enteringa 47°C steam sauna. The velvety air of this sauna will gently envelop your body, gradually warming, relaxing and giving the skin a healthy, well-groomed appearance. The special atmosphere of the sauna is given by the play of light of the "stars" in the pool in the center of the sauna.

sauna pirts Hotel Jūrmala SPA

Experience the effects of a salt & steam sauna (48°C) on your skin and overall well-being. There are special bowls with salt in the sauna. With its gentle application and rubbing, there is a natural cleansing of the skin and its antibacterial protection. In combination with steam, salt also has a healing effect on the respiratory tract, which is so important to take care of during winter.

The Sanarium (aromatic sauna)combines the pleasant aroma of herbs and the power of Himalayan pink salt. When heated to 60°C, the pleasant aroma of herbs helps to relax and improves the absorption of oxygen in the body, while salt saturates it with useful microelements.

High temperature lovers will like the classic 80°C sauna, where one of the walls is covered with juniper, and the 100°C sauna with jadeite stones.

bērnu pirts Hotel Jūrmala SPA

On the pool floor there is a special sauna (50°C) for the youngest guests of Wellness Oasis, where they can warm up after water activities and watch their favorite cartoons on the big screen.

Dive into the summer during the snowy winter

Enjoy the warmth of a summer resort with a beautiful view of the snow-covered pine trees in the panoramic windows of the pool center. There are several pools with different water temperatures, cascades, massage jets, a jacuzzi, a children's pool with a water slide and a fountain. Aqua Bar, located in the middle of a large pool, allows our guests to enjoy great juicy cocktails without leaving the water. Later, you can wrap yourself in a warm terry towel, sit comfortably on the heated mosaic loungers and, while sipping hot sea buckthorn tea, watch the calming winter rhythm of the resort.
baseins baseini Hotel Jūrmala SPA


Refresh yourself with detox programs

Hotel Jūrmala SPA is one of the largest SPA centers in the Baltic States, offering both a wide range of professional beauty treatments and opportunities to restore health. In the cold season, DETOX procedures are very popular with guests, which help cleanse the body of toxins, reduce weight, improve skin condition and overall well-being.

One of the most well-known treatments that have proven to be effective is positive and negative ion detoxification. The cleansing of the body occurs imperceptibly while you are relaxing in a comfortable chair, immersing your feet in a bath of warm water. During the treatment, the water changes its color, and with each subsequent procedure, they become lighter and more transparent. Another effective way to get rid of toxins is the SPA Health Capsule, where your body is pampered with a massage with Vichy water, and infrared rays help you lose 600 kcal in half an hour. Detox therapy is also popular - a set of treatments that provide body cleansing and figure modeling.

After DETOX treatments, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and eat healthy, balanced food. The restaurant "Jūrmala", located on the ground floor of the hotel, offers a dietary lunch from the Day SPA menu.

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