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New Year's resolutions that are actually worth the effort

Your New Year's resolution - it doesn't necessarily need to be tiring and impossible. Don't just pick something that everyone does because it's "cool", choose something that's important to YOU.

1. More sunsets, less screentime

Skaties vairāk saulrietu, nevis ekrānā.

These days it seems like life passes from one screen onto the next one. Need to check the newest trends on Instagram, events on Facebook, and of course - dinner in the light of the newest TV show. What if we exchanged an hour of phone time a day for something real? Why spend an evening on Facebook if you could be watching the sunset? Why spend time captured in a screen if you could be captured in wonderful book pages? It's possible that your last year's resolutions weren't that impossible after all - maybe you could've done it if you took the time spent on your phone and used it for something better!

If you're not sure you're not ready to give away your screentime, look at it this way - would you rather spend 30 minutes on your phone or at a SPA treatment? If that sounds far better, look into our offers here.


2. Exercise - a form of celebration, not punishment

Sports kā sevis svinēšana, nevis sods

Exercising isn't that bad, actually, but it is important to remember that your fitness goals don't need to turn into an army camp. Decide on something that YOU really want and CAN improve within reasonable time and efforts. Yes, running a marathon is beautiful, but it doesn't mean that running 10k will make you any less proud of yourself.

If you're looking for your ideal fitness class, we've got it all - check it out HERE.

3. A journal for an organized mind

Dienasgrāmata sakārtotam prātam

Writing a journal - a resolution that will help you keep up with the rest of your goals. If you often find yourself in the midst of mental chaos, it's possible that keeping a journal will help you keep your mind cool. Dedicate at least 10 minutes a day - you can write in an open stream of consciousness style or you can give yourself specific questions to answer each day/week. Here are a few examples:

  • What are you grateful today/this week?
  • What is the best thing to happen today/this week?
  • What are you expecting tomorrow/next week?
  • What worried you today/this week? Why?
  • What could you do better tomorrow/next week?
  • What did you do today/this week to get closer to your 2019 goal?

4. Healthy nutrition goals, that are actually doable

Veselīga uztura apņemšanās, pie kuras var noturēties

Let's start with the main thing - excluding ALL sweets and unhealthy foods is a great thing, but let's face it - extremely difficult as well. You don't need to all of a sudden quit all things unhealthy, especially if you actually enjoy a lot of those things. What's more important and realistic is just keeping things in moderation. Here are some ideas:

Quit soda for a whole year -> Drink soda only at parties and holidays

Quit sweets for a year -> Eat sweets only on weekends OR eat no more than 1 piece of candy per day

Quit all healthy foods for a year -> Include a fresh vegetable or fruit in every meal

Yes, milk chocolate isn't the best for your health, but one piece of chocolate, one glass of soda per month or so won't do such big damage. It's a lot easier to be healthy if you allow yourself to treat yourself once in a while.

Sure, it is quite easy to get lost in the sea of "what's healthy" and "what's not". Which is why our nutritionist will always be able to help you out. Find out more HERE.

We hope your New Year's resolution of 2019 will come true, whatever it may be!