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Bridal SPA: which treatments should you try before your big day

Did you know that right before the hot wedding season sales of fake tan and teeth whitening skyrocket? These and many other pre-wedding treatments have become a bridal prep classic. We totally agree that every bride shines from the inside out. However, we totally believe that by paying attention to every detail in treatments we can help enhance the natural self-confidence of a woman. We have carefully gone through all of our SPA treatments and come up with the very best for the bride to be.

Facial cleansing treatments

Sejas tīrīšanas procedūra

Facial cleansing helps recreating the natural balance of the skin and gives it a mesmerizing glow. These type of treatments will especially great for the summer when the skin has an increased tendency to sweat and the pores get more clogged.

We have all kinds of cleansing and peeling treatments, all you need to do - choose your own!

Here are some of our more popular procedures:

  • Face cleaning - for those who can't really choose. It's a full facial ritual that involves peeling, mechanical cleaning, mask, serum, and cream. Find out more HERE.
  • Face cleaning with ultrasound - for those brides who care about deep and thorough cleansing. During this treatment every skin cell is deeply cleansed, ridding the skin of dead cells, unclogging the pores. Find out more HERE.
  • Hydrating treatment - if you want some extra glow this treatment will be your trusted ally. Not only is the skin deeply moisturized, it also smoothes out wrinkles and boosts skin elasticity.

Find our full list of facial treatments HERE.



Waxing is the perfect pre-wedding treatment for beautiful and flirty photos as well as dancing without a care in the world. Find out more about our pricing list HERE.

Peeling and exfoliation


When speaking of hair removal, a must have treatment is also a proper exfoliation and peeling. This makes the final result more smooth and long-lasting. In fact, an exfoliating treatment will be a great idea if you're planning on going on a tropical honeymoon - your vacation tan will more even and long-lasting.

We have a wide range of treatments like this so everyone will find something that suits the bost for their taste. Here are some of our best offers for brides-to-be:

Peeling with body wrapping + a cooling feet massage - the perfect treatment for summer. The cooling massage will help lessen any swelling in your legs. Find out more HERE.

Peeling + relaxing back massage - the best combo for those that not only want to feel beautiful but also relaxed. Find out more HERE.

Relaxing massages and SPA rituals

Relaksējošas masāžas

Think beauty is skin deep? Think again. While we agree that what's on the outside matters, we also believe that the truest form of beauty can be achieved with calm inner peace and harmony. All the planning and organizing can cause a lot of stress - we invite you to take a little break and leave all your worries in our hands (literally 😉).

Neck zone massage - there's no secret that this area gets extra tense during stress, which is no stranger to all the brides out there. This massage will help alleviate any pain and tension, as well as boost your mood. Find out more HERE.

Stress relieving massage - speaking of getting rid of stress, we absolutely have to mention our special stress-relieving massage. Read more HERE.

Final beauty touches

Pēdējie skaistumkopšanas akcenti

When the big day is finally here, time for some glow-up! Our beauty specialists will help you prepare for your big day from head to toe - haircut and style, make-up, manicure, pedicure and everything else your heart desires.

  • Hairstyling - bohemian waves or a sleek up-do. Whatever the bride wants - we've got it! Find out more about our pricing HERE.
  • Makeup - here, at our beauty center, we do both classical day and evening makeup looks, but we also have special bridal makeup offer. Find out more HERE.
  • Manicure - classical french, monochromatic minimalism... or maybe you're looking for something more daring? Our nail art specialists will help you achieve the result of your dreams. Read more HERE.

Līgavu SPA

These are only a few of our huge range of SPA treatments so be sure to check out everything else we've got at our SPA and beauty center to find exactly what you need to feel the best on your special day.

Also, we recommend looking into our blog post here to find out more about tips and tricks on planning the perfect wedding.