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17 Instagram photos that will make you want to visit our hotel

We all sometimes need a restart, but it often takes inspiration to do that. Where to get it from? From our Instagram account, of course.

1. Warm and cozy

Temperature matters! In the cold and rainy season, we advise you to warm yourself in sauna. There are six saunas and pools in our center: steam bath (Roman bath) - 47°C, 100°C, 80°C, aromatic bath (60°C), salt bath (48°C) and children's sauna (50°C).

2. To teleport to summer in winter

We have a trick that will help to be in the summer in the middle of winter. Yes, yes, we are talking about our pools. Nothing can be better than being in warm water with tropical air when it’s damp and cold outside. Watch as it rains while splashing in four pools with different water temperatures: 28°C, 31°C, cooling pool 14°C, children's pool with slide 30-32°C.

3. Bubbles for life

We all sometimes need to add something bubbly to our lives. Whether it will be bubbles in a glass of champagne or a jacuzzi - that’s up to you.

4. To run away from the world
Sometimes the world around us becomes too big for us. Give yourself the opportunity to watch it quietly from the most peaceful place of Jurmala - Wellness Oasis.

5. Don’t forget about sports!
Our body needs not only rest, but physical activities as well. The best idea is to combine business with pleasure - nothing can be better than lazy holidays after an excellent workout.

6. Weekend getaway with a friend
There is nothing better than escaping all the grays and browns of Latvian winter in a salt room. And if together with your BFF - well, that’s just great! 

7. Summer all year round 
On the ground floor of our hotel there is a wall that takes you to summer. Surprise your friends by sending them a photo against the backdrop of rainforest, without leaving the hotel. 

8. If we fly, we grow
We grow emotionally, of course! Feel like a bird in our bar, observing the measured life of Jurmala through the big windows. No need to be a child to believe that not only birds can fly.

9. Special event
We are especially happy when we can be a part of important events. We hope that the sound of clinking glasses will sound through the walls for them.

10. End of the day 

No matter how your day has gone, it should end beautifully. We’ll take care of that!

11. Morning should be good
Getting out of bed on the right foot has never been so easy.

12. Cocktail as a way of life 
Let your life be a combination of different elements that create a unique taste as a result!

13. You only have one life - eat that burger! 
Yes, we know that the beginning of a new year is often associated with a promise to ourselves to eat only wholesome and healthy food, but! Burgers on special days have not been canceled. If you pamper yourself, do it deliciously. 

14. It all starts at the reception

We believe that beauty is in details. And we made sure that you get aesthetic pleasure already at the entrance of our hotel. 

15. Take a breath 
Give yourself the opportunity to plunge into your own thoughts between spa treatments. And do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of making a beautiful shot. 

16. For seeing and breathing

Balconies in our rooms not only help you to see more, but also become a part of the amazing nature of Jurmala. In any season. 

17. Gastronomic symmetry 

It’s so nice when everything is in place! 

Keep following our activities on Instagram and visit us in Jurmala to make sure it’s all worth it. Book your spa stay now!