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15 travel tips to follow before planning your trip

Still daydreaming of your ideal summer vacation? Time to make that dream into reality - here are 15 useful tips and tricks that will turn your trip into perfection.

1. Don't pack too many clothes

Neņem līdzi pārāk daudz drēbju

One of the top mistakes that travelers make - packing too many clothes. There's a huge chance that about a half of the clothing you've packed you won't even put on during your trip. Pack smart - pick out items that you can put together in multiple outfit options.

2. ... but still, pack some extra pairs of socks

... tomēr paņem vairāk zeķu pārus

So, it's a totally different story when it comes to socks. When packing socks and underwear, a spare pair will be useful and won't take up too much space.

3. Try traveling solo

Pamēģini ceļot viens

Of course, sharing an experience with your loved ones is amazing, but everyone should try a solo trip at least once in their lives. There are many perks to these trips:

  • you can go wherever YOU want to go;
  • you are the only one planning your trip - you can do whatever you want, whether that be a whole day of shopping or sightseeing;
  • you will get to know yourself better.

4. Listen to locals

Ieklausies vietējo rekomendācijās

You can find travel guides wherever you look, and, while they're probably great, they will never be as good as the advice coming from a local. Don't be afraid to ask for advice at the hotel reception or to your Airbnb host. These are the people that know the daily quirks of the city better than any tour guide.

5. Learn some basic phrases in the local language

Iemācies galvenās pamatfrāzes konkrētās valsts valodā

A tourist that can say basic phrases in the local language will be more likely to get help and receive warm attitude from locals. The effort is always appreciated!

6. Hidden free Wi-Fi spots

Apslēptās bezmakas wi-fi vietas

Maybe it's just a need for a little internet break or maybe you need to research some directions. Whatever the problem is - sometimes you need to find free wi-fi. Good spots to look for it - public libraries, large chain restaurants/cafes like Starbucks or McDonald's.

7. Travel first aid kit

Mazā ceļojuma aptieciņa

To be safe, pack an emergency kit with some band-aids, painkillers and pain-relieving gels. Anti-nausea meds can also come in handy.

We also suggest you purchase the sunscreen on the spot if you're traveling to a more tropical destination. Chances are the sunscreen creams that you can buy on the spot will be a lot more suited for the sun there.

8. Good manners

Labas manieres

Before the trip we suggest you do a little research on the local culture and manners - that way you can avoid awkward situations and misunderstandings.

9. Book tickets to main attractions beforehand

Rezervē biļetes uz apskates vietām jau iepriekš

If you think that "the line to the Eiffel tower won't be that bad", chances are there are at least 1000 more people thinking the same thing. The good news is that most of the biggest tourist attractions provide the chance to book tickets online. This will be useful not only because that way you can avoid long queues, but also because you can avoid local tourist-traps that seemingly offer cheaper tickets.

10. Plan activities for every day

Izplāno katras dienas aktivitātes

While picking out the destination you may feel like there's no need for planning - you will think of what to do on the spot. Plan at least 1-2 main activities for each day so you don't find yourself sitting in a cafe or the apartment for the 3rd hour, browsing the internet to find things to do.

11. ... but stay flexible

... tomēr esi elastīgs

Everything in moderation - a good plan helps you to see and do more, but not everything always goes as planned. And that is absolutely okay! Sometimes the weather or health problems can stand in the way, but everything can be changed a little.

12. Make a list of things to pack

Izveido sarakstu ar līdziņemamajām lietām

Not only will this come in handy while packing - this will also help you not forget anything at the hotel room once you go home.

13. Write down important phone numbers and other contact information

Saglabā telefonā visu nepieciešamo informāciju par viesnīcu vai dzīvokli, kurā tu paliksi

You never know if you'll get lost at some point, so it's a good idea to write down the phone number of the hotel reception, in case you need help finding your way back.

14. Alert your bank before the trip

Pabrīdini savu banku par ceļojuma plāniem

Oftentimes you will hear stories of people getting their cards blocked while on a vacation in a foreign country. To be completely safe that this will not happen to you - let your bank know of your travel plans a few days before the trip.

15. Don't keep all of your money in the same place

Neturi visu naudu vienā vietā

Just to be safe, don't keep all of your cash in the same wallet - keep it in separate envelopes in separate bags if you can. Ideally - don't bring just cash with you.