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10 important things to keep in mind when planning a wedding

The wedding season is ON - to help you not get confused in the midst of planning your day, we've made you a useful list with the top most important things that you should know about when planning a wedding.

1. The right photographer

Pareizais fotogrāfs

Since a wedding is such a huge day in our lives, you want to make sure you've found the right person to capture it the way you and your significant other like. Don't put off finding a photographer to the last minute, because, similar to wedding locations, a photographers schedule is just as busy in the wedding hot season.

Also, definitely consider doing a rehearsal photoshoot.

2. A detailed plan for the special day

Strikts dienas plāns

Even weddings with seemingly the most lighthearted and casual atmosphere have this very detailed plan. In order for you to avoid any mishaps, definitely make sure you've planned the day out to the max. Also, pay much attention to what are your guests going to do during your photoshoot - wedding photoshoots can take up hours, so you don't want your guests to get bored.

3. Design elements in your wedding

Dizaina elementi tavās kāzās

Have you both already decided how your wedding invitations are going to look like? The menu? This should not be left for the last minute.

4. A backup plan

Rezerves plāns

Not everything goes as planned, and that's perfectly fine! We suggest you make up backup plans for various things - what happens if it rains during your photoshoot; backup activities for guests in case the photoshoot draws out or the feast is running late.

5. Music


It's not a wedding if there's no dancing involved, and there's no dancing without any music! We suggest leaving the musical atmosphere to professionals - a band/artist or a DJ. And may we add that it would be a good idea to meet up with them beforehand to discuss your taste in music - which songs should be played at the event and which should definitely not.

6. Don't lose yourself in the sea of trends

Nepazūdi kāzu tendenču jūrā

Some couples make the mistake and try to recreate ALL the latest wedding trends or celebrity weddings, and by doing so they lose their own identity in the event. Remember - it is YOU two who are getting married on this day and no one else. Using small but meaningful details you can create a wedding that is so much more special. It doesn't matter what the guests will think, what's important is that you and your spouse are feeling comfortable and are genuinely enjoying yourselves. Maybe you both have special inside jokes or mutual hobbies, favorite songs, movies, etc. - it all can be incorporated into your special day.

7. A safe keeping space for your dress

Droša vieta tavai kleitai

One of the utmost important details of any wedding - THE dress. We suggest you keep it safe. Also, in order to avoid the groom seeing the dress before the actual wedding day (and the fact that the bride might want to try it on about 50 times before the event ;) ), we would suggest you keep it somewhere other than your own home - for example, your mom's house. Also, some wedding salons offer to keep the dress with them until the day of the wedding.

8. Floral arrangements

Ziedu noformējums

Without a doubt, one of the most popular decorations for weddings is flowers. Before choosing them, think of this - which flowers will be in season at the time of your wedding? This is important as usually, flowers are much cheaper in their season. Another great alternative is fake flowers - these are not affected by season, and you can collect them over time before the wedding.

9. A wedding decorator

Kāzu dekorators

Speaking of decorations - a great source of help will be a professional decorator. They will use all their skills and knowledge to perfectly recreate your dream wedding and match it to your style and personality. They will also have good suggestions on how to pick the right decorations and color schemes that will complement the wedding location.

10. A wedding planner

Kāzu organizators

These and many more questions related to wedding planning can get pretty overwhelming. But, luckily, they can all be solved by a professional wedding planner.

By the way, we also offer wedding planning services! We will help out with every possible detail, starting from flower arrangements to music and dancing! To find out more, check out our special wedding deal HERE.

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