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Restaurant Jurmala

A la Carte

A la carte Jūrmala


Trout tartare with trout roe, fennel aioli, cucumber and chives oil13.00
Beef carpaccio with arugula, capers, parmesan cheese and truffle oil11.50
Venison tartare with traditional additives12.00
Fried tiger prawns with mango-avocado salsa, pickled seaweed and hollandaise sauce14.50
Mussels in white wine cream sauce, with french fries13.00
Oven-baked eggplant with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil pesto9.00
Fried camembert with olives, caramelized red onions and basil pesto9.50



Romaine lettuce salad  with anchovy aioli, parmesan cheese:  
and chicken fillet9.50
and tiger prawns12.00
 and hot smoked trout11.50
Glass noodle salad with BBQ chicken and North Sea shrimp, teriyaki sauce and vegetables10.50

Fresh vegetable salad with kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese




Seafood bouillabaisse with tomatoes and fennel10.50
Beef broth soup with paprika and oregano 9.00


Main course

Duck breast with carrot puree, carrots, beans, mushrooms and potato dumplings15.50
Venison steak with celery puree, truffle mushroom strudel and red wine sauce21.00
Steak of the day (ask the waiter)27.00
Corn chicken fillet with potato-hemp puree and mushroom veluté sauce15.00
Trout fillet with pea puree, zucchini and hollandaise sauce18.00
Pike perch fillet with parsnip puree, asparagus, wild broccoli and soy coriander sauce18.50
Beef burger with brioche bread, caramelized red onions, grain mustard aioli, parmesan cheese and french fries14.50
Beef cheeks stewed in red wine with sweet potato puree and demi-glace sauce15.00
Pork breast with carrot-cumin puree, root vegetables and red wine sauce14.50



Tagliatelle with seafood13.00
Spaghetti with beef, tomatoes and basil12.50
Pasta Penne with bacon and country chicken egg10.50



Homemade ice cream with berries and nuts7.00
Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream7.00
Creme brulee7.00
Blueberry cheesecake with fresh berries7.00



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