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Salt cave /40 min/ 6 EUR

An artificial salt cave for inhalation of salt dust, which is formed of finely grinned salt and pulverised. Salt therapy is used with different chronic illneses of skin and respiratory tracts. The treatment is also advised for immunity improvement and respiratory prophylaxis. The salt dust is also good for cleansing smoker's lungs. In case of child's diatheses, allergy, bronchial asthma or low immunity, it is advised to visit the salt room 2 times a year as a 10-session course.

Ozokerite and paraffin application /15 min/ 6 EUR

Applications of mountain wax and paraffin to the shoulder zone or arm / leg joints. The applications provide deep warming effect. The applications are helpful with joint problems, reduce muscle pains and release tension. They are also used for cure of respiratory illnesses.

Hydrojet waterbed /20 min/ 8 EUR

Hydrojet - body hydromassage without contact with the water. Massaging water jet moving through the body surface. The treatment stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the body perfectly and helps to get rid of fatigue

Acupuncture massage mat till 20 min/ 6 EUR

A wonderful massage mat for self-healing, relaxation and revitalizing. Increase your energy level. Live down on Eco mat and feel the energy flowing through your body and soul. Just what you need.

Ionic body detoxification (electrolysis process) /15-30 min/ 9-18 EUR

The Ionic Cleanse process is an amazing cleansing method for detoxifying your entire body by bathing your feet in warm water while using positive and negative ions from an ion generator. The process is also known as electrolysis. It is an external detoxification method, which removes toxins through your feet. The body detoxifies while you are comfortably seated with your feet placed in a container of warm water. This is a very efficient way to remove toxic accumulations regardless of where they are located in the body.

Light spot /20 min/ 6 EUR

The use of light therapy in medicine has a long story. Hipocrates deskribed the use of sunlight to cure variousmedical disoders. It stimulates regenarative process as well as those of the human immune system, harmonize metabolic processes. Light therapy decreased seasonal affective discorder symptoms. Symptoms include changes in appetite, weight gain, drop in energy levels, reduction in quality of sleep.

Oxygen cocktail 3 EUR

The oxygen cocktail is safe and effective for daily use. Oxygen cocktail has been shown to be extremely beneficial for little children, expectant mother and the elderly. Children love the taste of this foamy drink. The oxygen cocktail can dramatically increase their energy muscle development and the immune system. We have seen that it is especially effective for those children who get frequently ill.

Glitter tattoo from 8 EUR

Last cry in a BODY ART world. The coolest way to celebrate your party. Tattoo holds on the body 10 – 15 days

Hair removal from 3 EUR
Upper lip from 3 EUR
chin 5 – 8 EUR
cheeks 6 EUR
under arm, up to 9 – 18 EUR
arm  15 – 29 EUR
bikini from 29 EUR
shin, thigh from 22 EUR
full leg from 43 EUR
Oxygen therapy 5 EUR

A patient with lung disease can have low levels of oxygen in their bodies and some need to use extra (supplemental) oxygen in order to bring their oxygen levels up to a healthier level. A patient with lung diseases such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) or cystic fibrosis (CF) may require oxygen therapy. Extra oxygen protects their bodies from the effects of low oxygen levels, helps them to function better, and allows them to stay more active

Eyelash extensions from 50 EUR
Classic eyelash extensions 50 EUR
3D Volume eyelash extensions 60 EUR
Classical lash adjustment 35 EUR
3D volume lash adjustment 45 EUR
Removing artificial eyelashes 10 EUR
Design + 5 EUR


Alpha-stim® Electrosleep therapy /30 min/ 8 EUR

Unique and effective procedure, eliminating the discomfort of health (stress, depression, insomnia, etc.). The procedure is carried out by fixing two electrodes to the ears of the client and increasing the number of alpha waves in the brain. Alpha waves are associated with relaxation and tranquility in a state of wakefulness, thus contributing to the calming of the central nervous system. All this has a positive and lasting effect on well-being, mood and behavior.

Sapropel locally applications /20 min/ 8 EUR

Sapropel is effective for treating various skin diseases and also for stimulating skin metabolism. Sapropel helps treating: psoriasis and other skin diseases; arthritis, polyarthritis, spinal diseases; bruises, fractures, fresh wounds, scars and burns; various inflammations.