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Reiki /60 min/ 45 EUR

The name means the energy of life of the universe. A reiki specialist makes the body totally relaxed and stress reduced during a session with a flow of energy flowing mainly through his hands. Reiki balances emotions and removes energy flow blockades, it also helps making to balance mind.

Thai feet ritual /80 min/ 50 EUR

Deep relaxing feet massage to improve the condition of the whole body. The massage is good for fighting headaches and asthma, relaxing hardened muscles and improving flexibility of the foot joints.Thai massage is available for  all people regardless of age and gender. The ritual performed by fingers and wooden sticks, using special creams, oils, menthol, herbs and produce a cooling effect. The ritual consists of several steps: it begins with foot bath and easy peeling, after starting the Thai foot massage.

Thai massage /80 min/ 65 EUR

The massage is based on the effect of a flow of natural energy on health. Thai massage is also called passive yoga, as the energy level is made balanced on pulling up the most significant muscles and exerting pressure on the energy points. Meditative merger of the body and soul arises during the treatment. The massage is done when the customer in light sportswear lies on a mat. You'll find new energy and freshness inside after the Thai massage.

Indian head massage Champi /60 min/ 45 EUR

An ajurvedical treatment providing for a shoulder, arm, neck and head massage. Special ajurveda oils, which have a unique ability to effect the human consciousness and nervous system, are used for this massage. The massage is done along definite energy lines. The customer starts feeling deep relaxation during the treatment.Advisable in case of headache, muscle tension and shoulder pain. It is also good for treatment of inflammation of the accessory nasal sinuses and improvement of the blood and lymph circulation.

Oriental ritual /150 min/ 120 EUR

Oriental ritual stimulates metabolism and improves blood circulation, which helps to remove toxins from the body and balances energy flows. The ritual relieves depression, melancholy and daily anxiety.
The ritual includes: Bath with Oriental extract, deep skin cleansing, relaxing full body massage with oriental oil, including Champi massage techniques, feet massage with a massage stick, relaxation, tea + healthy snacks (nuts, raisins, biscuits).