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Feet massage /30 min/ 22 EUR

Feet are massaged when definite points on the feet are stimulated. The treatment is beneficial for the entire bodily functioning; it also contributes to the improvement of metabolism, blood circulation and functioning of internal organs. The massage has a relaxing and harmonizing effect.

Massage with warm candle /60 min /50 EUR

Massage with balm candle with chocolate aroma. The massage candle allows to relax during the weekend or after a day of work and, for a couple, to enjoy a surprising and efficient professional massage product. The tepid wax increases well-being sensation in comparison with a traditional cold massage oil. Fluidity is improved by the warmth. The oil penetrates the skin better and softens the epidermis.

Massage for children /20 min/ 10 EUR

Massage for children from 2 – 15 y.o. Massage is done using the classical massage techniques, but softer than to adults. The treatment improves blood circulation,recovers the increased or reduced tonus, diminishes the growing pains and balances the nervous system.

Hot stone massage /80 min/ 50 EUR

Warm volcanic stone, precious stones and oil are used during this exclusive massage. Warm stones charged with solar power give over the positive energy to the body. Effect of the treatment – harmony of the body and soul.

Back massage from 15 EUR

Classical massage of the back from the cervical region to the gluteal muscles. Stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration techniques are used during massage. Massage of the back is good for balancing the nervous system, strengthening the muscle girdle and improving the blood circulation; it is also beneficial for the vertebral and spinal ligamental system.

Back massage 20 min 15 EUR
Back massage 30 min 23 EUR
Back massage 40 min 30 EUR
Local buckwheat massage (back + arims or legs + hips + waist) /40 min/ 36 EUR

Massage with warm buckwheats wrapped in linen bags. Buckwheat treated not only physical ailments, but also mental – an emptiness of a soul and mental disturbances. They were used as antidepressant.

Classical full body massage /60 min/ 45 EUR

Stroking, kneading and vibration techniques are used for the massage. The treatment effects the body like mechanical irritation causing the movement of liquid tissues (blood and lymph), which is beneficial to the body functioning recovery after the physical or mental work load.

Neck zone massage /20 min/ 15 EUR

Area of the neck and shoulders is massaged using the classical massage techniques. Massage of the collar area is good for improving blood circulation in the brain, muscles and ligamental system. The massage is good for alleviating muscle pains and tension, reducing tiredness and lifting the spirits.

Chocolate massage with wrapping /60 min/ 50 EUR

During the treatment, the body is covered with a warm mix of chocolate and almond oil. The chocolate massage is done with gentle, sliding and rhythmical movements releasing body from any accumulated tension. A perfect way to treat skin by nourishing, softening and toning it.The massage helps fighting depression and melancholy.

Amber therapy /80 min/ 65 EUR

The amber therapy brings energy and feeling of love. The treatment consists of peeling with amber pieces and powder and amber stone massage. Amber contains salts of amber acid that activate metabolism processes in the body. The amber acid salts have antiseptic effect, have positive influence to thyroid, milt and heart.

Himalayan salt stone massage /60 min/ 50 EUR

Himalayan salt stones will give you a pleasant relaxing feeling, relieving you of stress and tension, while balancing your energy flow, supporting your body's detoxification processes

Massage for mothers-to-be /20 min/ 15 EUR

Massage relieve pain in neck and back area and remove tension. It is classical neck, sholder and back area massage performed with gentle and relaxing movements. Massage relieve pain in neck and back area, remove tension, balance a nervous system and improve mood.

Medical massage /40 min/ 44 EUR OR /60 min/ 60 EUR

Therapeutic massage is recommended for the posttraumatic and musculoskeletal system disorder rehabilitation period. Combined massage during which the body is treated in full or in part with the classical massage techniques or other therapeutic techniques (subject to the customer's problems), such as segmentary massage, post isometric relaxation of the muscles, joint and spinal column mobilisation techniques. Therapeutic massage is recommended for the posttraumatic and musculoskeletal system disorder rehabilitation period, as it contributes to the improvement of the muscle and joint functional condition, reduction of the pain syndrome and improvement of the general condition

Lymph drainage massage /60 min/ 50 EUR

The massage is effective for the main lymph nodes when pressing and sliding are used. The task is to have any excessive liquid or toxins removed from the body and metabolism regulated. It is advised at the initial stages of treatment for cellulite or varicosity as well as before and after plastic operations.

Tactile massage Touch of butterflies /30 min/ 22 EUR

The massage Touch of butterflies performed with very gentle stroking movements. Massage is done through a towel. Performed in a specific order – from above downwards – to restore the energy flow in the body.

Histomer Slimming massage /60 min/ 50 EUR

It helps considerably reduces the volume of adipose masses. Slimming massage with special massage cream for treat cellulite during the 1st and 2nd stages. It helps considerably reduces the volume of adipose masses and makes the capillary walls stronger and more resistant.

Histomer Draining massage /60 min/ 50 EUR

Recommended in cases of cellulite in the advanced stage. Draining massage with special massage cream recommended in cases of cellulite in the advanced stage. Transferring their energy to the skin and producing a draining effect.

Alma Salus /60 min/ 50 EUR

Alma Salus massage oils are made from essences of the Mediterranean flora. Special SPA massage inspired by rituals that were commonly practiced by ancient peoples in the Mediterranean regions, mainly the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans.  When immersed in the bliss of relaxation, completely lost sense of time and space. Massage reveals the secrets of harmony of body and soul, gives a sensual pleasure and serenity, frees from anxiety and stress.

Stress relieving massage /60 min/ 36 EUR

Treatment is tiredness and stress reducing. Very gentle, rhythmical and calming full-body massage during which light tactile massaging is used.

Histomer Firming massage /60 min/ 50 EUR

Massage for the skin elastifity improvement. Firming body massage with special massage cream for lost of elastifity skin. Powerful revitalizing and firming action on the connective tissues.

Massage with aromatic oils /60 min/ 36 EUR

Gentle massage during which natural aromatic oils are used. The oils are selected according to the person's mood and wishes. The person feels a burst of energy during the treatment; tension is reduced. It is advised in case of difficulties with sleep or chronic tiredness syndrome; it also strengthens the immune system

Vitamy massage /60 min/ 50 EUR

Full body massage with Vitamy body cream. The cream eliminates all lacks of calcium and vitamin.

Honey massage /60 min/ 50 EUR

Vigorous stimulating massage of problem zones of the body. During the massage the blood and lymph circulation is stimulated.Effect of the treatment is intensified with the biologically active substances of honey penetrating to the blood circulation through the skin. The treatment facilitates clearance of toxins and splash substances to the skin and body purification and restoration. The procedure can cause an allergic reaction.

Hand massage /20 min/15 EUR

The massage is good for improving blood circulation and tissue metabolism in the extremities. A form of local massage during which the brachial area, shoulders, forearms and hands are treated using classical massage techniques. It is recommended for muscle and joint function restoration after injuries or illnesses.

Buckwheat massage /80 min/ 57 EUR

Dry heat of buckwheat has anaesthetic effect. Massage is recommended to improve blood circulation in muscles and internal organs; remove lactic acids; reduce fats and promote blood clearance; treat central and peripheral nervous system diseases; reduce pain; improve sleep; and relax a nervous system; treat osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthrosis; improve muscle tone.

Facial massage /20 min/ 15 EUR

Gentle cosmetic facial skin and mimic musculature massage. It is helpful for improvement of the facial skin and mimic musculature microcirculation and acceleration of metabolic processes in the facial skin, thus making the skin more fresh and elastic.