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Massage for children /20 min/ 10 EUR

Massage is done using the classical massage techniques, but softer than to adults. The treatment improves blood circulation,recovers the increased or reduced tonus, diminishes the growing pains and balances the nervous system.

Mommy and little me /20 min/ 27 EUR
  • Back massage with warm candle for mother and children /20 min
  • Oxygen cocktail


Paraffin treatments for hand - mask and cream 5 EUR

It is a special care for hands which helps to reach easily the effect of velvety skin, especially in winter time, when tired skin needs repair and care after a long winter. Under the effect of warm paraffin the tissues and muscles get fortified, the skin gets less dry, the blood circulation is activated.

Paraffin treatments for feet - mask and cream 6 EUR

During a paraffin foot treatment, the feet are dipped into a container of warmed liquid paraffin wax. A paraffin wax treatment is a relaxing beauty treatment that may be especially soothing for those who stand on their feet a lot or those who have dry or cracked feet.

Junior body treatment 18 EUR

Light body peeling with vitaminizing peeling suitable for teenagers. Light vitamy peeling + body moisturizing with cream. Procedure for teenagers from 7 until 12 y.o

Junior hand care SPA ritual 12 EUR

Ritual includes: peeling, mask, cream. During the spa treatments will be used gentle natural ingredients that are safe for children's sensitive skin.

Junior foot care Spa ritual 15 EUR

Ritual includes: peeling, mask, cream. During the spa treatments will be used gentle natural ingredients that are safe for children's sensitive skin.

Hydrojet waterbed /20 min/ 8 EUR

Hydrojet - body hydromassage without contact with the water. Massaging water jet moving through the body surface. The treatment stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the body perfectly and helps to get rid of fatigue

Oxygen therapy /15 min/ 3 EUR

Children with lung disease can have low levels of oxygen in their bodies and some need to use extra (supplemental) oxygen in order to bring their oxygen levels up to a healthier level. Children with lung diseases such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia or cystic fibrosis  may require oxygen therapy. Extra oxygen protects their bodies from the effects of low oxygen levels, helps them to function better, and allows them to stay more active.

Junior face treatment 18 EUR

Light face cleansing with soothing gel + chocolate mask + cream. Our junior miss facial, geared towards our younger clients helps promote the importance of a good skin regimen.

Salt cave /40 min/ 6 EUR

An artificial salt cave for inhalation of salt dust, which is formed of finely grinned salt and pulverised. Salt therapy is used with different chronic illneses of skin and respiratory tracts. The treatment is also advised for immunity improvement and respiratory prophylaxis. The salt dust is also good for cleansing smoker's lungs. In case of child's diatheses, allergy, bronchial asthma or low immunity, it is advised to visit the salt room 2 times a year as a 10-session course.

Pearl bath /20 min/ 10 EUR

Bubble bath, to the water of which either aromatic oil or marine salt is added at the customer's desire. This either a calming or toning treatment (depending from the substance added), which stimulates or calms the nervous system improving metabolism and reducing muscle and bone pains

Ritual for junior 42 EUR
  • Junior body treatment (light vitamy peeling + body moisturizing with cream) /30 min
  • Junior face treatment (light face cleansing with soothing gel + chocolate mask + cream) /30 min
  • Soy candle therapy for hands /15 min
  • Oxygen cocktail 
Ritual for children 28 EUR
  • Massage for children /20 min
  • Glitter tattoo or face painting
  • Parafin mask for hands + parafin mask for legs
  • Ice cream cocktail
Oxygen cocktail 3 EUR

Oxygen cocktail has been shown to be extremely beneficial for little children, expectant mother and the elderly. Children love the taste of this foamy drink. The oxygen cocktail can dramatically increase their energy muscle development and the immune system. We have seen that it is especially effective for those children who get frequently ill.